Summer Style Series – Beach Picnic

This past weekend, I attended the King of Darkness Night Jump with my friend, Susan. It was a water ski jump competition put together by her nephew, PJ, and included some of the top water ski jumpers in the country.

I’ve never been to an event like this but it was really cool. There was some serious skill on the water. It was amazing.

We decide to make an afternoon of it. Arrive early, pack a picnic¸ chill out on the beach. It’s been so busy lately, so it was great to take some time to relax.

The weather was beautiful, so the wardrobe du jour was very beachy casual. Everyone was definitely sporting their own style from tanks and shorts to t-shirts and capris to knit sundresses.

We packed a picnic lunch of some assorted salads, wings, and fruit. I also made these yummy antipasto skewers. They were a huge hit. Try them, they won’t disappoint.

It was a great summer day. What have you been up to so far this summer?

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